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EU Merger Control


1. Current legislation


framework legislation:
Other Regulations:



2. Commission: Messages, Announcements and Guidelines


a) Jurisdiction:
b) Material Assessment:
c) Remedies:
d) Procedure:

Official Notice of the Commission: Please note: Due to the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union on 1 January 2007, the European Commission will require extra copies of merger notifications and reasoned submissions in order to be able to send them to these new member states as well. Therefore, we kindly request that you provide 32 (thirty-two) CD- or DVD-Roms, instead of the 30 (thirty) mentioned in the above Communication on the format of notifications and reasoned submissions.

e) ECMR Review:


3. Commission: Documents



4. Commission: Decisions



5. Court of Justice (ECJ and GC)


Lists of links to the full text of all decisions:

  English French German
ECJ 1953 - 1988 actual actual actual
ECJ ab 1989 actual actual 01.04.2015
EGC ab 1989 actual actual 01.04.2015

Official notice of ECJ: "For the benefit of the public, the electronic version of the texts of the three Community courts is available free of charge on Internet for information purposes. This version is subject to amendment. The definitive version of these texts will be published in the "Reports of Cases before the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance", the "Reports of European Community Staff Cases" or the "Official Journal of the European Union" which alone are authentic and, in the event of their differing from the electronic version, are alone to be regarded as authoritative. Reproduction of the texts supplied on this site is authorised provided that their source and non-authentic character are acknowledged and it is mentioned that they have been provided free of charge."

Statutory Provisions:

  • Rules of Procedure: ECJ, GC


  • Practice Directions resp. Rules: ECJ, GC
  • Statistics of judicial activity: ECJ, GC


6. EU: Databases and Official Journal



7. Previous regulations and documents



8. Cooperation with Member States and third countries



9. International organizations



10. International agencies and regulations



11. National agencies and regulations


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