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Chair for Civil Law, Competition Law, Regulatory Law, Law of the Digital Economy

Prof. Dr. Torsten Körber, LL.M. (Berkeley)


Competition Law (Antitrust Law)

all aspects: prohibitions against cartels and abuse of power, merger control in the German ARC and EU competition law; in particular competition law questions of the media, software and internet platforms; innovation and data economy

Regulatory Law

energy law (including network regulation, "Energiewende" (renewable energies), digitalisation, energy markets); telecommunications law (including network regulation, broadband deployment 5G / VHC, digitalisation, customer protection, privacy)

Law of the Digital Economy

digitalisation and data economy; internet platforms; competition law aspects and data related aspects of contract law, media law, copyright law and patent law; standard essential patents (SEP) and FRAND; automatisation and industry 4.0